Delicious Chinese Food

To Dine In & Carry Out & Delivery

7125 Metropolitan Boulevard #105

Barnhart MO 63012

Tel: (636) 467-8055

Fax: (636) 467-8008

We Accept:

Lunch Available 6 Days a Week, Every Day Till 3:00pm
(Served w. Pork Fried Rice or White Rice)
FREE: Egg Roll or Fried Wonton or Crab Rangoon
Lunch Dinner
C1. Beef or Chicken w. Broccoli8.9510.95
C2. Chicken or Shrimp Chow Mein8.9510.95
C3. Mushroom Chicken or Beef (with Brown Sauce)8.9510.95
C4. Chicken (with Garlic Sauce)8.9510.95
C5. Hunan Beef or Chicken (with Black Bean Sauce)8.9510.95
C6.Kung Pao Chicken8.9510.95
C7. Moo Goo Gai Pan8.9510.95
C8. Pepper Steak (with Onions)8.9510.95
C9. Chicken w. Chinese Veg.8.9510.95
C10. Roast Pork or Chicken Lo Mein8.9510.95
C11. Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young8.9510.95
C12. Sauteed Mixed Vegetable8.9510.95
C13. Chicken Wings8.9510.95
C14. Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce8.9510.95
C15. Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce8.9510.95
C16. Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken8.9510.95
C17. Chicken w. Cashew nuts8.9510.95
C18. Honey Chicken8.9510.95
C19. General Tso's Chicken8.9510.95
C20. Sesame Chicken8.9510.95
C21. Sweet & Sour Shrimp8.9510.95
C22. Szechuan Chicken or Beef8.9510.95
C23. Szechuan Shrimp8.9510.95
C24. Sa Cha Chicken or Beef8.9510.95
C25. Chicken w. Orange Peel8.9510.95
C26. Boneless Spare Rib8.9510.95
C27. Mongolian Beef8.9510.95
C28. Shrimp Lo Mein8.9510.95
C29. Pineapple Chicken8.9510.95
C30. Hot & Spicy Chicken8.9510.95
C31. Chicken w. Mixed Vegetable8.9510.95
C32. Hot Braised Chicken8.9510.95

(with White Rice on the side)
S1. Happy Family Jumbo shrimp, slices of chicken, beef and pork with assorted mixed vegetable in brown sauce. 13.95
S2. Seafood Combination Jumbo shrimp, scallop and crab meat assorted mixed vegetable in white sauce. 14.25
S3. Szechuan Triple Crown Sauteed shrimp, chicken and beef w. mixed vegetables in Szechuan sauce. 13.95
S4. Triple Crown Chicken, beef, shrimp and mixed vegetable. 13.95
S5. Triple Crown in Garlic Sauce 13.95
S6. General Tso's Chicken Chunky chicken sauteed in spicy house sauce.  12.95
S7. Shrimp & Chicken Delights Combination of General Tso's chicken and shrimp with vegetables. 13.95
S8. Scallop & Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Scallop & shrimp w. mixed vegetables in garlic sauce. 13.95
S9. Hunan Triple Crown Beef, chicken and jumbo shrimp stir fried assorted mixed vegetable and broccoli in spicy brown sauce 13.95
S10. Golden Crispy Shrimp Crispy jumbo shrimp w. mixed vegetable and spicy brown sauce. 14.95
S11. Hot Braised Chicken 12.95
S12. Sesame Chicken 12.95
S13.. Pineapple Chicken 12.95
S14. Chicken w.Orange Peel Crispy chunks of chicken sauteed in special orange flavored sauce. 12.95
S15. Beef w.Scallop Beef and scallop w. mixed vegetable in brown sauce. 13.95
S16. Honey Chicken SPECIAL 12.95

Denotes Hot & Spicy dishes

We can alter the spice according to your taste